James Johnson


James Johnson is an award winning design director based in New York City. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and working a brief stint as an animator, James started his career as a web designer by freelancing for brands such as Citibank, Guinness World Records, Fox and Burson-Marstellar. Eventually he settled at TIME Magazine and worked his way up to become their website's art director from 2000 - 2005. Afterwards, he served as Harper Collins' design director, where he designed Browse Inside. James is currently at Nielsen Expositions in New York.


Time Warner, TIME, Fortune, CNN, News Corporation, The Fox Network, Harper Collins Publishers, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Nielsen, Burson-Marstellar, Citibank, Prophet

Awards & Recognition

2012 Nominated for the President's Award at Nielsen
2007-2008 Judge in the SND.ies for the Interactive category.
2005 NPPA Awards, Best News Picture Story - 2nd place, The tragedy of sudan
2004 NPPA Awards, Best Website - 1st place, 21 Days to Baghdad
2003 NPPA Awards, Best Website, 3rd place, Lewis & Clark


2004 Time.com Circles The Globe With 'Latitude Zero', Photo District News
2003 TIME.com featured in 'Digital Layout'. By David Skopec
2001 Illustration on Subway Terrorism published in TIME Magazine, Week of October 8